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Pellitory of the Wall an AnthologyCatriona Gallagher

Artist Publications

Author: Catriona Gallagher

Price: £15.00
Category: Artist Publications

99 pages, 2018.

Catriona Gallagher’s practice is a daily rhythm of observing the physical environment around her. Her work plays with scale in mapping, recording and tracing, in turn producing drawings, writings, video and sculptural interventions. Studying plants and their relationship to architecture is a recurring tool in her work.

The Perdikaki plant, or Pellitory of the Wall, is generally perceived as a weed and is found growing in the cracks of the city. Perdikaki grows prolifically and yet is overlooked. It can be found on every street, but the majority of the city’s inhabitants are unaware of its existence. It is dependent on architecture, following the lines of streets and buildings and thriving where there is no one to manage it.


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