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Planet BreedersMike Mowat


Author: Mike Mowat

Publisher: Newbridge Books

Price: £7.00
Category: Books

351 pages, 2019.

Planet Breeders is a frightening, powerful exploration of greed and technological expansion written with experimental forms of grammar and syntax. Mike Mowat uses visionary fiction to ask us to look at other worlds to learn more about our own.

“On an Earth-like planet in space, the Mu’ Ri’ Da come out in the dark hours to prey on the other species of their home, believing they should steal what they can from anyone weaker than them. After an inter-species war and the betrayal of their clans, a spiritual leader, Broll Ah Khan, emerges to unite the tribes and take over their world.

As their power grows so does their ambition. The Mu’ Ri’ Da begin a never-ending war to conquer every species and planet in their galaxy, and beyond, showing no pity or remorse. As their technological means enables their taste for species flesh, it becomes clear just how much the myriad worlds of this universe are at risk of being lost forever.”

We first worked with Mike through NewBridge’s Deep Adaptation programme, which led to publishing this exciting new sci-fi book, which responds to the current environmental crisis and climate change.

This book continues NewBridge’s commitment to supporting emerging artistic talent and ensuring alternative voices are heard, enabling new narratives and ideas to emerge.

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