Sponge Issue 02 – Millie Carmel in collaboration with The Shieldfield Youth Programme


Millie Carmel in Collaboration with The Shieldfield Youth Programme

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Sponge, Issue 02 brings professional graphic designers and children together through a series of interviews and gives them the same platform to express their thoughts and opinions on the same six questions in one publication. The six interview questions are based on the six stages of artistic development that we all experience as a child from 0 – 16 years and the questions underpin the designers and children’s creative thinking and processes. Both the children and designers’ insights and opinions are as equally important as the other in Sponge and the magazine celebrates the naive and expressive creativity we all had as a child, and can still have, and the beauty in that.

A big thanks to the children from the Shielfield Youth programme and to the designers (Jake Hollings & Josh Aitken) for sharing their responses, Sponge would not be possible without their honest and interesting words and support.

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