The Glasgow Effect: A Tale of Class, Capitalism and Carbon Footprint – Ellie Harrison


Author: Ellie Harrison

Publisher: Luath Press

Price: £10.00
Category: Books

384 pages, 2019.

In her debut book, Ellie Harrison traces her own life’s trajectory to examine the relationship between literal and social mobility; between class and carbon footprint. From the personal to the political, she uses experiences and knowledge gained in Glasgow in 2016 and beyond.

With references including Patrick Geddes who coined the phrase ‘Think Global, Act Local’ in 1915, economist E.F. Schumacher who made the case for localism in ‘Small is Beautiful’ in 1973, and the Fearless Cities movement of today.

Harrison uses this book to put forward her own vision for ‘the sustainable city of the future’, in which we can all live happy, healthy and creative lives.

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