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Throwing MudBook – Luca Anzalone and Lily Pearmain

Price: £25.00
Category: Books

Photography: Luca Anzalone
Ceramics: Luca Anzalone & Lily Pearmain Design: Ashley Kinnard
Screen printed cover with clay: Ashley Kinnard Paper inside: Munken Print White
Paper cover: Colorplan Purple
Exposed spine binding, section sewn with light purple thread, screen printed book jacket

The main underlying idea behind the body of work is that artists should continue to play with their own and other materials, forget everything that they think they already know and learn again by playing with it with a naive eye.

Luca and Lily have merged their crafts into a unique dialogue of forms and gestures.Through experimentation, they have disrupted their processes and reconsidered the aesthetics of beauty. Clay on its own is a pliable medium that is vulnerable yet responsive to creative freedom and this series also celebrates this.

Combining triggering tactile experiences, Throwing Mud aims to push the viewer into an atmosphere of chaos and elegance, play and austerity.

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