Very Considerate Edwin Stevens


Author: Edwin Stevens

Publisher: Plume

Price: £4.00
Category: Zines

17 pages, 2018.

Very Considerate is a short story by writer and musician Edwin Stevens. Told from the perspective of a protagonist antagonised by their present, their past, and a world that’s too loud, its cumulative stanza’s creep up on you, gathering and staggering through a-day-in-the-life-of laced with ritual habits, grimacing images.

Stevens is not shy of the explicit, the adult, the bodily fluids, the soft-lit afternoon delights, the darkest fantasies and the avert-your-eyes realities. He tattoos his mark across characters; places; talismans; vehicles; inner monologues that circle thought like a bad habit; dialogues that unfold like a tic; rural fictions; holiday park fictions; next door neighbour fictions; local shop fictions; rubbish job fictions; nights at the social club fictions

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