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Practice makes Practice is a continuous artist development programme run by artists for artists and the wider arts community.

Practice makes Practice focuses on developing artistic talent and equipping individuals with the necessary skills to manage their artistic career, bridging the gap between art school, studio practice, the gallery and beyond. We do this through a regular programme of:

events / workshops / opportunities / talks / field-trips / exchanges / mentoring

Helping create a forum for shared learning, critical conversation, space for networks to cultivate and alternative models of practice to develop.

Practice makes Practice is programmed through suggestions from studio and associate members, ensuring what we do is artist-led and develops in response to the needs and interests of our members.

We are open to all suggestions, ideas, events, people, methods and opinions you would like to put forward to the Practice makes Practice programme. We can provide bursaries to invite artists, organisations and industry specialists to NewBridge.

Practice makes Practice is supported by Newcastle Culture Investment Fund and North of Tyne Skills for Growth Fund.

What we offer varies each month, we programme events based on a simple model:

Go Pro

Advice sessions and practical workshops exploring how to survive as an artist; from grant writing, self-employment, promoting and selling artwork, publication making and more.

Talk About Art

Through crits, discussions, studio visits and one-to-one sessions with artists and cultural professionals, creating a supportive environment for artists to talk about their work and get feedback.

Wild Card

Artistic practice is influenced by a variety of elements; from the social, political, technological and scientific – we host discussions with people from lots of different fields to connect artists with different sectors and current societal concerns – anything goes!


Peer-to-peer sessions led and instigated by NewBridge members, creating a space for shared learning and discussion.


It’s important to have a supportive peer group around you; we host get-togethers, socials and dinners, creating opportunities to meet and talk.

Field Trips

We arrange visits, exchanges and field trips across cities and regions helping faciliate new networks and develop connections with artists, curators and galleries.


Dedicated opportunities just for members including residencies, exhibitions, commissions and exchanges.

Practice makes Practice is open to all through our NewBridge Associate Membership scheme. It is for:

artists / curators / students / cultural industry professionals / those interested in the arts

Become an Associate member of The NewBridge Project to access Practice makes Practice events, opportunities and enable you to become part of a community of supportive peers.

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