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Sarah Stamp

My approach to making art is best described as an attempt to understand the world and our existence within it. I am particularly interested in the way art offers a space to cross traditional disciplines. I also feel that art can offer a way for people to understand and explore ideas that may otherwise not be part of daily life.

The political potential of the everyday and the role artistic practice can play in revealing it, is an on-going concern within my practice. I feel it is art’s role to engage with the political and in turn how we address our lives. I am interested in how philosophy attends to our daily lives and the way in which questions of how to live is an on-going question for people. My practice explores philosophical ideas of the everyday, this re-contextualisation can offer possibilities for the understanding of philosophy through artistic practice.

Methods in my practice
I use text and language in terms of display and the role the phrase or sound bite plays in my practice. I create small printed publications based on a pamphlet or newsletter format, containing photographs and text from my research. I am interested in creating narratives through my visual work and experimenting with prose as an element of sculpture or intervention. I frequently take a low-tech approach to my work primarily using everyday objects and materials, as they reflect the ways we negotiate and modify within our daily lives.

BA Fine Art, University of Sunderland, 2007
MA Art and Space, Kingston University, 2012
I have recently re located to Newcastle after living and working in London for six years.